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5 Way Holistic Approach

JoyHouse’s Childcare has an integrated five way holistic approach. The focus is on individual childcare as each child is unique and therefore has different needs.



The aim is to get the Namibian medical fraternity to support the village in order to provide high quality medical care and regular check-ups for the children.


Morning devotions will be part of everyday life. The housemothers will be encouraged to raise the children on biblical principles. The children will be prayed for, taught how to pray and taught from the Bible.


The first intake of children will be between the ages of zero and three so physical activities will only include free play with age appropriate jungle gyms and toys. As the children grow extra physical activities will be added such as learning to swim, dancing and various sports.


Many children will arrive highly traumatised. We will identify the needs and make available appropriate therapies, which will include: psychotherapy, play therapy, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and speech therapy.


Initially the children will be stimulated in the home by the housemothers. The housemothers will be trained in early childhood development to provide adequate opportunities for each child to grow intellectually.

Not all the children will be able to attend a regular school so home schooling will also be provided to ensure that no child falls through the gaps. For those who can attend a regular school, they will be enrolled in school from the appropriate age.